My name is James and I am a mathematics student at Edinburgh University. I decided to make this blog in an effort to improve my mathematical writing and give me something to reflect upon. I usually blog about Mathematics, Music or what ever else is on my mind.

In regards to the title of this blog, ZFC (Zermelo – Fraekel – Choice)  is an axiomatic system used to talk about Set Theory. There are others but this is the most commonly used. Typically the Choice part is not included as the axiom of choice isn’t necessary, however it is a very useful axiom which is often implicitly assumed. It leads to many unexpected results however, such as it being possible to split a sphere up into several pieces, then put them back together to get two spheres, each with the same volume as the original. This is known as the Banach-Tarski paradox, if the reader is interested.

The little logo that looks like {} is what mathematicians use to represent the empty set; the set that contains nothing.

x\in Y