Psychedelic – Progressive – Post – 1

My taste in music has been through a fundamental change during my time at university. I started off in first year with only really enjoying music that dominated that music charts and was considered popular, the kind of music one hears in a nightclub for instance. Sure, I had been brought up playing the guitar but I hadn’t really learnt anything new in a few years. Truth be told, I don’t really remember playing at all during the final year of high school. My outlook would change shortly though after overhearing Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song from the room of one of my flatmates. Oddly enough, it brought me back to the first time I heard it, when I was first watching Shrek 3. I remember the screaming being frightening and not enjoying it at the time, however curiosity got the better of me and I asked my flatmate what the song was. I don’t think he knew either as it was from a randomly generated Spotify playlist, however he did tell me it was Led Zeppelin. It didn’t take long for me to realize that they were the band that made the legendary Stairway To Heaven, a song that I knew how to play yet hadn’t actually listened to. Nevertheless I created a playlist of all their studio albums in order and for the next couple days, listened to nothing except that.

As with many new things, I started off not really enjoying the experience however it did grow on me. By the time I reached Led Zeppelin IV I was captivated. There was nothing like it, every song was unique and original. There were even references to Lord Of The Rings. As clichéd as it sounds, this was the beginning of something new and important in my life, something which would help me become “me” in a sense. It sounds ridiculous and soppy, but music really has changed who I am for the better and has helped me find a sense of self.



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